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Creators' App

Creators' App

A new experience connecting Sony cameras with the cloud

Smartphone application

Allows you to connect your Sony camera to the cloud, enhancing the functionality and convenience in shooting and sharing.

Supported Cameras

FX3*, FX30*, α9 III, α7R V*, α7 IV*, α7CR, α7C II, α6700, ZV-E1, ZV-1 II, ZV-1F, ILX-LR1

To be supported in March 2024 or later

α1*, α7S III*

*Requires the latest system software update

Three main features of Creators' App

Upload to the cloud from your camera or smartphone

Remote shooting

Enhance camera functions

  • Connection and settings between your camera and smartphone are required in advance.
  • For app/service availability of countries and regions, please check here.

Upload photos and videos to your smartphone or the cloud

Connect and upload to the cloud directly from your camera

After setting it up in Creators' App or on Creators' Cloud Web, you can connect your camera to the cloud storage and upload photos and videos directly without needing to do it via your smartphone. You can quickly check your captured images/videos from various devices, and get started on editing.

Wired/wireless transfer from your camera to your smartphone

Huge image data such as high image quality photos and videos are able to be transferred to a smartphone both via Wi-Fi and USB cable. A wired connection provides more stable transfer.

Four cloud storage**For regional app/service availability, check here. plans with special savings for Sony camera owners

Find the plan for convenient cloud photo and video storage that's right for you. If you own an eligible Sony camera, you can start with a free 25 GB plan. A 500 GB plan is also available for heavy users.

  • 25GB

    Exclusive plan for Sony camera users

    Register your eligible Sony camera and get 25 GB of cloud storage for free.

  • 5GB


    Get 5 GB of free cloud storage when you become a Creators' Cloud member.

  • 25GB

    Exclusive plan for Sony camera users

    Register your eligible Sony camera and get 25 GB of cloud storage for free.

  • 100GB


    Get 100 GB of photo and video storage.

  • 500GB


    Get 500 GB of cloud storage for your production needs.

Use your smartphone as a remote control for your camera

Control your camera remotely from a smartphone

By linking your smartphone to cameras, you can control them remotely from the smartphone. This enables remote shooting, which may be useful for group shots or keeping cameras still in night scenes. You can also easily check camera battery and media information, set the date, time, or camera name, and more from a smartphone.

Enhance Sony camera functions via your smartphone

Import a LUT file to your camera via your smartphone

LUT files (the LOOK profile of a video) stored in the cloud storage (Creators' Cloud) can be imported to the camera via smartphone without using any PC and SD card.

A new experience connecting Sony cameras with the cloud

Cloud experiences accessible from your web browser
Creators' Cloud Web

Cloud storage can be accessed from your PC. You can also use Discover, a service for sharing work you have shot or produced with other creators around the world and browsing their work.

Other recommended Creators' Cloud apps

  • Catalyst Browse / Catalyst Prepare / Desktop video editing applications

    Catalyst Browse / Catalyst PrepareDesktop video editing applications

    Desktop applications for playback/editing of video files from Sony cameras and fast, high-precision correction applying

  • Imaging Edge Desktop / Desktop application for RAW image processing and remote shooting

    Imaging Edge DesktopDesktop application for RAW image processing and remote shooting

    Desktop applications that enhance the quality and efficiency of production work such as remote shooting and RAW development

  • Monitor & Control / Mobile application for video creators

    Monitor & ControlMobile application for video creators

    Mobile app for visual content creators that enables wireless monitoring and high-precision exposure adjustment and focus control on the larger screen of a smartphone or tablet

    SmartPhone Tablet
  • Catalyst Prepare Plugin / Video editing plug-in

    Catalyst Prepare PluginVideo editing plug-in

    Adobe Premiere Pro plug-in for fast, high-precision correction applying camera metadata