Monitor and Control

High-precision wireless video monitoring and remote control on a larger screen

Monitor & Control

Monitor &

Our mobile app for visual creators enables wireless monitoring, high-precision exposure adjustment, and focus control on the larger screen of your smartphone or tablet

Supported cameras

(as of May 2024):
BURANOFX6 (Ver. 3.00 or later)FX3 (Ver. 4.00 or later)FX30 (Ver. 3.00 or later)α1 (Ver. 2.00 or later)α9 IIIα7S III (Ver. 3.00 or later)

*To be expanded to other models.

Features of Monitor & Control

Three main features of Monitor & Control

Highly flexible shooting style

A smartphone or tablet can be used as a wireless second monitor for the camera, setting up and operating the camera remotely

Precise exposure monitoring

Check waveform monitor / false colour / histogram / zebra* displays on a large screen, to support more accurate exposure decisions at production

Supported cameras : FX3, FX30, α1, α9 III, α7S III

Intuitive focus controls

Various focus settings (such as AF sensitivity adjustment) and operations (such as touch focus) are available, with the control bar at the side of the screen allowing intuitive focusing

configurable operations depend on the connected model

Three main features of Monitor & Control

Extensive colour setting functions

Operations including Picture Profile / Scene file settings, and LUT switching, are possible

Operability gives creators ease of use

Items that are frequently operated during shooting can also be operated on mobile devices. De-squeeze display for anamorphic lenses is also supported

Multi-Camera Monitoring

Multiple cameras can be wirelessly connected to a single iPad* for operation, display, and shooting

requires iPadOS 16.0 or later

Highly flexible shooting style

Connected to a smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy both wireless monitoring, and basic camera control, such as starting/stopping recording, and adjusting settings**Configurable operations depend on the connected camera. For details, refer to support page. like white balance or ISO.

Configurable operations depend on the connected camera. For details, refer to the Support Page.

Precise exposure monitoring*

The Monitor & Control app includes powerful exposure assistance tools. The waveform helps identify the exposure levels in different parts of your image. The histogram gives you a quick view of the overall brightness/luminance. Both update in real time, and can be freely hidden, resized, or moved to suit your shooting needs. You can also use false colour or zebra display to set optimal exposure for the subject.

  • When using BURANO and FX6, the application must be updated to ver.2.0.0 or later, and the camera body must also be updated to BURANO Ver.1.1 or later, FX6 Ver.5.0 or later.


False color



Intuitive focus controls

Focus settings and wireless operation

Touch Focus, AF sensitivity, and other focus settings* can be configured intuitively. One advantage of the wireless connection is that another operator can tap a subject being monitored on the tablet or smartphone to track the subject using Real-time Tracking, allowing the camera operator to concentrate on moving the camera without worrying about focusing.

  • *Configurable operations depend on the connected camera.

Control bar for intuitive focusing

The control bar on the side of the screen allows intuitive control of the focus position when shooting video. By assigning "Focus" to the control bar and setting the upper and lower limits of the focus point in advance, you can stop the focus at the desired position. In addition, the control bar display can be magnified by up to 350%, making it easy to adjust the control bar to suit the operating range and focus precision. When used with the FX6, there is also an "Iris" setting on the control bar, allowing the iris setting be made on the large screen.

Focus Map

Focus information (depth map) can be superimposed on the large screen monitor of a smartphone or tablet to visually and intuitively grasp the in-focus and out-of-focus areas. By visualising the depth setting of the entire image (determining the subject position and depth of field) and the focus position and depth setting during rehearsal, the system provides powerful support for shooting high-definition images and shooting with a shallow depth of field using bright lenses. Supported cameras: FX6

  • Supported cameras: FX6

Adjustment of colour settings

Monitor & Control provides control of Picture Profile / Scene file settings, LUT switching, and other operations. Additionally, LUT can be applied in Log shooting so that an image resembling the finished image after post-production can be checked on a larger screen during recording. Besides selecting existing LUT files, you can also import LUT files from mobile devices directly to the camera without using a computer. You may view images with your preferred look applied.

Advanced operability delivers ease of use for creators

Remote operation of frequently used functions during shooting

The frame rate, sensitivity, shutter speed, ND filter*, look, and white balance, which need to be operated frequently during shooting, can be remotely controlled using the monitor of a smartphone or tablet. In addition, the user interface is the same as that of the Sony CineAlta body as represented by VENICE, providing the same operability as the body.

  • When using a camera not equipped with an ND filter, the ND filter item will not be displayed and will be left blank.

De-squeeze display supported

During video recording, video squeezed at the anamorphic ratio of the lens is de-squeezed (corrected) and displayed on the mobile device. De-squeezed images can be displayed on a smartphone or tablet in real time according to the anamorphic ratio* of the lens.

  • Ratio can be selected from 1.25 / 1.3 / 1.33 / 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0.

Multi-Camera Monitoring function

Multi-Camera Monitoring*

Up to four cameras can be connected wirelessly to a single iPad, their images displayed and shot, with operations including start/stop recording, and the display of settings list and battery level. Since multi-angle shooting with multiple cameras can be operated from a single device, work that previously required multiple people can now be done by a single person.

  • Requires iPadOS 16.0 or later.

Switching between single- and multi-camera operation

Switching between single- and multi-camera operation can be performed smoothly with a single tap. Detailed settings for each camera can also be changed on a single tablet.

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