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Expanding camera connectivity

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Imaging Edge Mobile

Users of FX3, FX30, α1, α7R V, α7S III, α7 IV cameras

Application that allows to transfer still images/videos to a smartphone, enables remote shooting, and provides location information to images captured by a camera.

Feature 1

Transfer high-quality still images/videos captured with a camera to a smartphone Share images/videos on social media on the spot

Still images and videos captured by a camera can be transferred to a smartphone with one touch. Still images can be batch transferred in their original size or in 2M depending on usage. High bit rate video files including 4K can be transferred.**1, *2, *3 Supported cameras vary depending on the function. For supported cameras, please see here. *1 Availability of video transfer and playback varies depending on smartphone in use.1

Feature 2

Remote control function that allows settings to be changed and captured while checking live view on your smartphone

You can capture photos remotely using each exposure mode (P/A/S/M) while checking the image on your smartphone. This is convenient for capturing still image/video scenes in which you do not want to directly touch the camera such as night views, water flowing scenes, long-exposure and macro shots.

Feature 3

Record location information

With cameras that have a location information linkage function, the location information acquired by the smartphone can be added to the captured image in your camera. This allows the location of where an image/video was captured to be displayed on social media and map apps.

Feature 4

Save and Apply Settings

Feature 5

Notification function

You can obtain information on the cameras and applications that you own. By sending notifications of support information including software updates, you can make sure that you have the latest version of your camera application.

Expanding camera connectivity

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